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Fun fact #2

2014-02-08 09:37:33 by PaperCookies

I found my graphics tablet cable.

It was where it should be.

Fun Fact

2013-10-23 09:20:38 by PaperCookies

I lost my graphics tablet cable.


2013-08-15 13:43:19 by PaperCookies

I just made my account.
I know Newgrounds already more then 10 years now but still haven't really made an account.
I would like to say: "HI!"
I'm an animator with a 6 year experience.
But has recently started working with Flash.
You know, that artsy fartsy known thingy that people use to animate.
I haven't really made anything yet except for some random rubbish.
But i'm sure content will start flowing soon.
At least if i ever get my lazy bum to move...